New Year, New Site!

Well, after about 6 years of dragging my feet I finally have a website up that I'm proud of (WOOHOO!). As a photographer who has worn many hats over his career, one of my biggest struggles has been finding my angle and branding when it comes to my website. I've just never found the right layout or combination of images that left me feeling satisfied with my portfolio. But now I'm stoked to show this new site to friends, family and clients knowing that I have fantastic platform to grow from.

Before the summer wedding season kicks into full gear, I'll be heading back to Europe with my partner Rheanna for the month of February. That's a whole month of eating delicious meats & cheeses, walking around incredible castles and catching up with old friends. I even have a few shoots lined up in Amsterdam, Paris and Valencia! But before we head out of the country, check out this small gallery I made from my trip to Europe 2 years ago when I was visiting Rheanna when she was studying abroad. During that trip I visited Paris, Valencia, Barcelona, Milan, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Lisbon, Munich and Delft. 

Here's to a year full of incredible adventures with amazing folks!